Parchin Kari is a beautiful ancient inlay technique in which colored stones are "cut and fit" in marble base to create motifs, intricate geometric designs, large scale calligraphy, swirling floral arabesques or images. The stones used in such decorative art work may be precious or semi-precious, colored and highly polished. Pietra dura items are generally crafted on green, white or black marble base stones. White marble from Makrana, Rajasthan (India) or Creama Marble from Italy is the most preferred form of marble surface for inlay work due to their premium qualities. The history of Pietra dura dates back to 16th century Rome, where it was developed as an architectural element. It was used on floors and walls, with both geometric and figurative designs for enhancing beauty and ornamentation. It came India during 17th century Mughal empire and gained much appreciation in Mughal courts. Parchin kala is profoundly incorporated in the entire complex of Tajmahal enhancing the decorative element of this marvelous wonder. Read the full post and be the part of this heritage story....