Traditional Carpentry Work we found in Forts and Havelis of Rajasthan are worth remembering and the very first expression of royal carpentry is seen in the HERITAGE DOORS of Rajasthan. Its a centuries old craft performed by the local craftsmen especially the Suthar community of Rajasthan. This community comes from Barmer district of Rajasthan, who along with other migrant artisans handle the mass production of antique wooden doors in workshops in Jodhpur and other regions of Rajasthan. As these doors are unique and showcase immense hand-skills they are highly prized in international market. These exquisite doors are actually the doorways to our legacy which must be kept alive in any of the possible ways.....



From the cultural land of Rajasthan, comes an age old technique of textile printing- THE BAGRU PRINT. The piece of fabric with this exotic print is handcrafted with all the love to nature and inherited traditions. Bagru is acknowledged for its wooden blocks and all the natural colors used for printing. It is totally an Eco-friendly practice. Bagru, is a traditional BLOCK-PRINTING art of Rajasthan, flourished in a small town of "Bagru"at a distance of 30–35 kms from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The practice is as old as 400 to 500 years religiously developed and followed by the locals called Chippas who migrated from Sawai Madhopur (Alwar) as nomads and settled themselves in Bagru for livelihood. The admirers of textile handicraft might already heard or know about this beautiful printing technique, but some of you do not. So lets hear the tale and grab more knowledge about this very own heritage textile art.