PATTACHITRA- a heritage art from Odisha. It is a classic example of amalgamation of mythology- folklore- Hindu deities- vibrant colors- floral border on a cloth, depicting Hindu religions believes on a single canvas. This art is flourished and evolved under the supreme dedication of Hindu sect for Lord shri Jagannath. These paintings were originally said to be used as substitutes for worship on days when the temple doors were shut for the 'ritual bath' of the deity. They are totally handmade and adopt eco-friendly colors for painting. Lets find out more about this interesting style of heritage paintings.....



The term haveli is derived from Arabic hawali, meaning “partition” or “private space”, known during Mughal Empire. A Haveli, in the Indian sub-continent is thus a traditional residence or townhouse with historical importance. These traditional dwellings share a cultural past and are architecturally sound. The Haveli doors are specifically handcrafted and are characteristic of art and heritage. Read the full post and get a sneak peek through Heritage Haveli doors.



Traditional Carpentry Work we found in Forts and Havelis of Rajasthan are worth remembering and the very first expression of royal carpentry is seen in the HERITAGE DOORS of Rajasthan. Its a centuries old craft performed by the local craftsmen especially the Suthar community of Rajasthan. This community comes from Barmer district of Rajasthan, who along with other migrant artisans handle the mass production of antique wooden doors in workshops in Jodhpur and other regions of Rajasthan. As these doors are unique and showcase immense hand-skills they are highly prized in international market. These exquisite doors are actually the doorways to our legacy which must be kept alive in any of the possible ways.....



We are bound with the imposing beauty of Indian architecture and one of its striking feature is "Jharokha". These are Bay Window projecting from upper stories of historical monuments of medieval era particularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya pradesh. Jharokhas are used extensively in Rajasthani forts, Havelis and Temple architecture