Since we started with our ECO-FRIENDLY SERIES based on natural pigments, we came to know about several natural color imparting substances on our planet which can prove really effective in carving out an alternative for synthetic coloring. Being Eco-friendly, these pigments are Sustainable, Bio-degradable and non-toxic for human use. One cannot deny the warmth of a handcrafted fabric dyed with all the beautiful natural stuff- Gentle both on the Earth and on your skin. Living in the era of tremendous environmental loss, the need of the hour is to create awareness about the challenges to the environment and playing our part to safeguard our Earth. One such small practice is choosing naturally dyed fabric over regular synthetic one. In this post we will discuss about how to actually deal with ECO-DYES. We will talk about- *Why to choose Eco-dyed fabric *The process of natural dyeing *Dye DIYs *How to take care of your eco-fabric *My visit to a handloom site in a small town of Madhya Pradesh. *Current global scenario of natural dyes *Revival of natural Indian dyes *Where to SHOP them in India. Read the full post and get to know all about it.