Bursting colours….mystic dreamcatchers…ethnic patterns and an adventurous spirit are the best describing words for a BOHEMIAN style of interiors. This bathroom here features boho schemes of design giving it an ecstatic, carefree and hippie ambience.

concept sheet

Presentation plan displays the materials and overall tentative look of our bohemian bathroom. Here the concept is to give our space a soothing feel where one can de-stress and dive into the mystic world of spiritual pursuits. 


A dreamcatcher is a must-have element in a hippie style of design. Bohemians elegant hoop made out of willow, woven with beads and feathers are sort of good luck signs providing protection and comfort to the person. We thus use this sacred hoop as a CNC cutwork on our bathroom door.  


This wall here is creating an astonishing flush of boho blues to the space. Glazed wall tiles accessorized with paintings and a big circular mirror makes the bathroom vibrant and full of life.


Beautifully hung planters and contrasting wall tiles create our bathroom area more spacious and shades of greens and blues are making it look more natural. 


The ravishing chic elements that have been used in the bathroom like rustic green wooden wall cabinet…rose quartz shower seating and a wicker trash are contributing in attaining such a fantastic bohemian vibe.


A peep inside our bohemian bathroom….

The concept is to use bright bold colours to define the free spirit of a hippie. The idea is to explore the mystique nature of bohemianism which revolves around the unconventional or rather artistic side of humans. In terms of interiors, it’s a great theme to work on as it provides us to be ‘chaotic and disorderly’ in a certain way to bring out best of it. 

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