Welcome to the land of Pharaohs- EGYPT. 

This Lavish, Dusty yet Charismatic and Ancient Meditteranean country has a lot to offer when it comes in terms of  Interior designs and architecture. Getting the inspiration, let’s get a tour of a brilliant Egyptian Theme Restaurant….named Golden Caravan. Let’s explore :

concept sheet.jpg

This rich concept of Egyptian Architecture and decor give us ample of possibilities to design a luxury and impressive fine dine restaurant. Colour schemes and Geometry are to be regularly followed in the design and use of dusty shades of golds are to be done to recreate Egyptian charm and to make it look more ornate.


Mood board providing a glimpse of the restaurant.

Majorly the walls of the restaurant are faced with beige or fawn so as to revive the barren desert of Sahara. Furnitures are predominantly ornate where backrest and handrests are often carved and painted upholstered with beautiful royal silk fabric.

Chair and Table legs are moslty paw shaped. Back painted walls adorned with classical Egyptian paintings are creating that ambience of Egyptian royalty.


Above is the presentation plan showing floor finishes, kitchen area, fine-dine seating, outdoor seating, bar area, a central arena with sunk-in seating, plantation, passage, portico area, gazebo and parking lot. 

Polished Italian marble of fawn shade again justifies the sense of ruthless Saharan desert though completely complemented by golden highlighter tiles and the rich vibrant colour schemes of furnitures.


This wall section displays the kitchen and bar area. 

The bar counter is magnificently designed taking inspiration from great Egyptian pyramids using black softstone laminate and yellow onyx creating an excellent and luxurious combination of black and yellow. The backsplash is made out of charcoal panel embossed with hieroglyphs and images of birds, fishes and animals. 

Typical Egyptian Columns are deliberately ornate and finished with papyrus leaf and motifs. Painting of Egyptian folk dance- Tanoura is the focal point between replicas of Egyptian columns finished with Bas- Relief pattern mixed with Gypsum plaster. 


The mesmerizing fine dining is endowed with panels of false Arched- jharokhas bordered with hieroglyphics Bas-relief patterns which signifies a gesture of Muslim influence on Egypt. 

Dine is accessorized with a bronze sphinx sculpture, decorated vases, gilded chandeliers, heavily carved golden finish furnitures, and patterned wall panels.

Here are some 3D views of some major spaces:



Ceiling Layout: Geometrical ceiling plan is followed throughout with usage of chandeliers, flush mount lights, patio lights, ceiling hung lights etc.

Coffered ceiling in a fine dine space showcase Egyptian scenic paintings thus adds royal essence altogether. 


Front Facade:  Magnificently created with all the major elements of Egyptian architecture including columns, pylon, tapering walls, sandstone cladding gives a subtle yet luxurious Egyptian authenticity to our facade.

Usage of arched collonade, sandstone cladding, mural painting, Bas-relief patterns, rustic wall texture, sarcophagus and palm trees takes us back to the reign of the old kingdom.


Overall, the Egyptian theme offered me to create a beautiful portfolio of restaurant and bar and allowed me to celebrate this oldest and enriched civilization in my own manner. 

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