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A space to display design ideas pampering Mother Earth


The very idea is to explore eco-friendly styles of designing. Here we share inspiring interior/ exteriors/ furnishings/ fabrics/ materials and much more non polluting products to incorporate in day-to-day home aesthetics and thus express our love to Mother Earth..


Art and Architecture are two indivisible aspects of designing. As a design enthusiast we will get some peeps back through historic architecture of the India and world as well as its modern day presence. We will imbibe in us the inherent charm and beauty of the traditional dwellings and learn their wise old techniques of sustainable designs.


"The soul of India lives in its villages."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, the roots of our unique literature, paintings, miniatures, handcraft or tribal art lies in our villages. Folk art defines our cultural heritage and we will celebrate them all by simply incorporating them into our lives. Our homes are sacred places and so our folk heritage. Join us to keep them alive.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

Why “Obsidian” ?

Our blog’s name is inspired from the beautiful obsidian stone. Its an igneous rock and thus shares an unbound relationship with the Earth. This motivates us to make this obsidian space a place to pamper our relationship with Mother Earth. With all the positive obsidian vibes I wish my readers a “Happy Obsidian Space”.

About Us

I’m Shruti, a newbie blogger but an aesthete for ages. This is my space to showcase my love for aesthetics. Join me and enjoy this journey of appreciating green spaces.

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    A SNEAK PEEK INSIDE TRADITIONAL GUJARATI HABITAT The famous MUD-MIRROR ART FROM GUJARAT- is well discussed at OBSIDIANSPACE. This artwork contributes much to India’s rich cultural heritage and being an integral part of folk art it must be taken care of. Lippan and Mud-mirror work together comes out to be an amazing example of Gujarati craftsmanship… Continue reading “BHUNGA” – THE MUD HOUSE FROM GUJARAT
    WARLI – The famous tribal artform with geometric and repetitive patterns originated in Maharashtra is the particular tribal painting which is simply popular and recognized among the common public and of course the art enthusiast. Warli paintings are the finest examples of Indian folk style of paintings. This style particularly flourished in Sahyadri range around 10th century A.D. This art form revolves around the everyday life of the Warli (Varli) tribes.
    It’s interesting to see that despite of having same Basohli origin, each school showcase characteristic motif in its paintings. More or less the fabrication of these astounding piece of art remains the same. But one thing makes every school of pahari miniature different from each other- THE MOTIFS. The schools flourished in Basohli, Guler, Kangra, Chamba, Tehri Garhwal, Nurpur, Mankot, Mandi, Kullu, Bilaspur provide specific motifs or themes to display. Come, explore the peculiar feature of each pahari style of painting.

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