Indian miniature Pahari paintings are a broad subject to discuss. After Basohli and Guler, here comes the famous Chamba school of painting. This art has so much to express and has got such a captivating history to explore that makes it even more interesting for an art fanatic like me to get a deeper essence of the subject which is yet unknown to commoners. It is considered as an authentic historical account indicating the ancient art and culture of Himachal Pradesh. Lets find out more about this amazing school of miniature painting.


As we are exploring different schools of Indian miniature Pahari paintings, we came across the two dominant schools- Basohli and Kangra. But there are others including Guler, Chamba, Garhwal and Bilaspur. Guler, became a prominent centre for art and later termed as the birthplace of Kangra painting in the first half of the 18th century. The Guler Paintings or Guler style proved as the cradle of the early phase of Kangra Kalam with the unique blend of Rajput and Mughal style of art. This contrast had brought out the cultural essence of India onto a canvas with the flair of delicacy and a sense of spirituality. In the course of time Guler painting finally get evolved into Kangra paintings.

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