I am Shruti, a newbie blogger but an aesthete for ages. This is my space to showcase my love for art, architecture, and heritage. Join me at obsidianspace and enjoy this inspiring journey of appreciating our aesthetic inheritance.”

My obsession for art and design inspired me to pursue Interior Designing after my Post – graduation in Earth sciences just to brush up my creativity and thus learning functional design techniques.

But I REALIZED that just learning How-To-Design is not enough. At times like now, the space we design should be ecologically sound and synchronized with nature at-least to some extent. And that’s where Obsidian Space came up in my mind. I found that ancient architecture along with our folk heritage was so much tuned with the environment which eventually got unremembered with advent of modern designing.

So in 2019, I started obsidianspace to feature inspirational content related to architecture and sustainable living approaches with the prime Focus on Heritage architecture, Eco-friendly designing, Sustainable living options, Reviving global folk art and so on.

Thanks for looking up. Checkout the blog and find yourself surrounded by the rich legacy we are blessed with. I invite you to join this virtual community- Be a part of it and stay connected.