Lately tested covid+ , I took a break off from blogging, media and technology. After complete recovery here I am back at OBSIDIANSPACE with all the good hopes and positivity. Last one month had been hard. Physically corona drains you but it is the mind which keeps you going. It’s our willpower which I find most effective against Corona Virus. With timely medication and determination, I dealt with corona at home and used this time seeping through spirituality and self-healing.

Hope you all are doing well staying at home and taking all the necessary precautions as per covid guidelines. Follow the quarantine lifestyle to keep COVID-19 at bay.  Find motivation to empower yourself and try to develop healthy habits in this situation.


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  1. OBSIDIAN SPACE – India – My obsession with art and design inspired me to pursue Interior Designing after my Post - graduation in Earth sciences just to brush up my creativity and thus learning functional design techniques. But I BELIEVE just learning How-To-Design is not enough. Space should be ecologically sound at-least to some extent, And that's where Obsidian Space came up. Started in 2019, this is the place to features inspirational content related to sustainable design approaches with the prime Focus on Historic architecture, Eco-friendly designing, Celebrating and reviving global folk heritage and sometimes a bit know-how of ancient science of Vastu and Feng-shui in space planning. Thanks for looking up. I invite you to join this virtual community and stay connected.

    Thanx. So you are back at home. That’s good. How are things going there in Spain ?

  2. Pe – Montañero y aventurero de corazón. Es guía de montaña por la Escuela de Montaña de Benasque (EMB). Ha organizando actividades en la naturaleza, en la montaña y viajes en grupo al extranjero, principalmente en Norte y Sur América.Entre las cumbres que ha realizado, cabe destacar las ascensiones invernales al pico Almanzor, en solitario y sin cuerda, el Whiler Peak en las Montañas Rocasas, unos ocho cincomiles en la Cordilleras Blanca, Huayhuash y Raura de Perú y en el Cocuy de Colombia, de los cuales dos fueron en solitario, y el Huascarán (6768m) junto a otros nueve integrantes de la expedición española que organizó a esta emblematica cumbre en el 2012.Del 2013 hasta el 2016 ha vivido en Colombia, llegando a zonas recónditas e inexploradas, poco visitadas incluso por los propios colombianos. Siente pasión por este país y la alegría de su gente, queriendo compartirla con aquellos que se quieran adentrar en ésta cultura y naturaleza salvaje, para enamorarse así como él, de tanta belleza en estado puro.
    Pe says:

    Great you got recovered and thanks for sharing your experience and motivation. I made it back to Spain

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