These are hard times we are dealing this summer. Pandemic. Lockdowns. Quarentine. Anxiety. Depression. Hard to express the feelings and I am struggling for words. But the need of the hour is to stay safe and the safest place for us is “HOME“. Stay home, with Hope. Happiness. Dreams and Positivity.

Well as we are combating Virus and scorching sun both, by hiding in our shelters to embrace the calm and comfort we get in there in these hard times, we can actually use this time for upgrade our homes.

But to get that up-gradation our home demands our little more effort-both impressive and minimal . In 2020, we will go – sustainable. Eco-friendly. Natural.


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Whites are always IN and remains the first choice of designers when it comes to bring out calm and serenity in the interiors. It is fresh, soothing to eye and a cool color that we must try this summer for harmonious spaces.


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If whites didn’t approach you then a wide range of pastels offers you a lot more to cherish in summers. Pastels are an option to overcome the monotony of whites. These can be added as a highlighting element to the walls along with whites to get the tranquilizing effect of this color pallet.


Adding a flair of Green is actually a fun task to give a bright rustic look to your house interiors. Be it a houseplant or a textured wall finish it is one of the simplest ways to beat the heat and bring life to your surroundings.

Incorporating natural wood to create eco-friendly corners in your homes is one of the best option to experience closeness with nature.


A dreamy color scheme and textures inspired from Mother Earth that makes your home trendy, up-to-date and aesthetically sound. To get a luxurious earthy interior one must amalgamate warm neutral colors, some lush green flora, rough rustic finishes, wooden texture fabrics, collection of earthenware and ceramics. This decor creates a subtle and raw look to your beautiful cozy space and provides a solution for summer friendly space.

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Now, its not only about the walls and upholstery, its also about accessories we offer to our floor or walls to brush-off our house from heat. Be wise in choosing summer fabrics and go with beige and white color rugs or carpets, curtains, drapes, sheets, cushions which makes space seems more clear and clean and also helps you to downturn temperature of the room to certain extent .

These are some home makeover ideas ideal for summers to make a fun thing and a great way to create your home a yearning place to dwell. The key to a summer makeover is light fabrics, neutral color tones and use of sustainable products. It is an Eco-friendly decor.

We can connect more to nature by involving them in our surroundings. So lets get ready and together give a warm welcome to our Indian Summer.

Stay home, Stay safe.

Enjoy reading. Feedbacks appreciated.

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