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Cleansing is not just concerned about dirt and junk. With time we clutter ourselves and our space with negative thoughts, unbalanced energies, words that are spoken and our own unwanted stuff. Eventually we become stuck and surrounded with burdensome thoughts and yucky feeling that hinders our health, happiness and prosperity.

These unstable energies tends to create obstacles and limits natural energy flow of the space and thus needs to be settled. Here comes the part of ancient Hindu philosophy based on PANCH-TATVA – balancing the five elements of nature and synchronize the universal energies.

There are varied ways to make your space and surroundings more positive . Here are some of the simplest ways which you can follow by yourself:


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Mopping the floor with PINK HIMALAYAN SALT once in a while is an effective way to clear up negative energy from the space within few minutes. Rock salt crystals are considered to boost up the surrounding by absorbing negative energies and upgrade the quality of air generating a healthy environment.


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MINIMALISM. That is the key to an open free flowing space. Try to get rid of junk and give your ‘space’ a space to breath. Surely, it will help you to rejuvenate your surroundings within no time.


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Get some POTASH ALUM, easily available in the market with the name “fitkari” and keep some small pieces wrapped in the cloth in different corners of the room. Alum absorbs negative energy and bring harmony to the space.


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An ancient Meso-American trick to ward off negative energy is still an effective trick to uplift the positive energy in and around you. Burn this tree resin to fill your space with smoky healing aroma and you will definitely see the energy transformation. It also has several health benefits.


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Ringing bells on a regular basis, breaks up the dormant energies of the space and maintains a rhythmic energy flow. Just as we do in Hindu Temples. Bells creates high frequency sounds and vibrations which in turn creates higher energies. So ring a bell or you can use wind-chimes as alternatives.


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Stones like Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Blue Lace Agate brings calm and raise the vibrations of your house. These are healing crystals due to their specific mineral composition and mineral charging.


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Nature has its own kind of vibrations and energies. It has calmness and tranquility by means of Plants, Sunlight, AIR, and Water. These are healing elements. Surrounding your space with plants, bringing sunlight in and allows wind to linger, brings life to the space and naturally elevates the energy levels.

Hope these simple tips will help you to clear up your space from stagnant energies and enjoy the better positive vibes ! Enjoy your HAPPY SPACE.

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