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BAKED EARTH-TERRACOTTA is a bonus given by Mother Earth to Design enthusiasts, Artists, Architects and Interior designers. Great endurance, easy availability and rusticity offers us an amazing scope of innovation in its usage. Let’s find out more about it..

Terracotta is actually a richly colored clay that is baked , can be glazed or un-glazed and can be painted beautifully (polychrome). Usually we find terracotta in forms of sculptures, tiles, earthenware, art pieces, pots, roofing material and bricks. It’s archaeological founding dates back to pre-historic era. Terracotta has been extensively used in Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Indus valley civilization, China and even in Gothic architecture.


Adding Terracotta in styling your home is to add warmth, elegance, durability and simplicity to your space. It is not only natural but grounding, making you feel more tethered with your traditions. Its a timeless design appeal one can incorporate in decor concept to get beautiful aesthetics.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

In modern Interiors this clay material has been revived ravishingly throughout within interiors and exteriors. Not only as bricks or tiles we can try splendid Terracotta color tones for painting those ordinary walls or you can be creative by choosing handcrafted Terracotta furniture over conventional furniture .

Surely, Terracotta furnishings will help you get sober yet luxurious corner both in interiors and outdoor gardens and canopies. Add distinctive earthenware’s to your collectives including figurines, vintage pots, kitchenware and planters.

Old Terracotta stuff can be recreated with polychrome painting which imparts great ornamentation and color to an inexpensive piece of clay. This technique can also be implied to old doors and windows with little bit of glazing to make them fit for exteriors.

So keep styling your home with this rustic earthenware and stay down-to-earth with inspiring interiors.

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