Gond painting – Tree of Life by Jangarh Singh Shyam
IMAGE SOURCE: ishafoundation

Any designing concept is incomplete without the implication of art. Every space which is systematically designed showcase one or the other art form in any of the expressive ways. An Art piece is thus a reflection of its beholder. May be modern or tribal or abstract in form of painting or sculpture or canvas displays the interest and taste of the possessor.

For instance, if we talk about one such well known ancient art form we are gifted with we perhaps talk about GOND- AN ANCIENT ART OF GONDWANA.

“GOND” word is derived from “kond”, a Dravidian word meaning the great mountain. It is form of painting originated in GONDWANA, now in eastern Madhypradesh and Western Odisha between 13th and 19th century A.D.

Gond paintings are considered dating back to pre-Aryan era.
This tribal group of Deccan Peninsula used to decorate the walls of their houses
portraying local flora, fauna, hunting, dancing and gods such as Marahi Devi and Phulvari Devi (Goddess Kali).

Gond Art by Ramesh Tekan

Gond painting majorly depicts various festivals, rituals , human-nature relationship and sometimes their daily chores. The colors used are all the way natural derived from charcoal, colored soil, plant sap, leaves, and cow dung. The paintings are created by putting together dots and lines. The imaginative use of the line imparts a sense of movement to the still images. The paintings are intricately designed using rich vibrant colours and serves as an offering to mother nature and are also a mode of warding off evil.


Besides the common canvas painting embracing Gond art, we can imbibe and acknowledge this art form certainly in different versions and give our home a knack of traditional aesthetics …


Create your space as an expression- telling your story, your thoughts or your inner perception. Use Gond art as DOTS & LINES together, and bring out life to a still wall of your living room. Surely, this will infuse a sense of attachment and bring out the tradition warmth to your space.


Can not use authentic Gond materials for creating an art piece? Thats OK. Try to use Mosaic Tiles. This is called “TESSERAE” that can be glass, seashell, stone or porcelain. Use mosaics to create extensive Gond patterns anywhere including walls or frames or on floors.


Do not limit your love for art restricted to the walls and paintings. Recreate this art in your furniture, backdrops, bed headrests, coffee tables, console tables, doors, wardrobe panels and so on.


This is the simplest way to celebrate this ancestral art. Enjoy the beauty of Gond work in the form of tribal printed beddings, cushion coverings, carpets, rugs or may be curtains and even table-runners.

So, lets render our home with the ancient aesthetics of art and cultue and enjoy our tribal heritage by giving it appreciable space in our surroundings.

Gond painting by Durgabai Vyam © Sarmaya Arts Foundation

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