At first when I think of “Vastu”, it appeals to me in both auspicious and unauspicious way. My mind thinks of some unexplained ritual practices and a bit of superstition. But, in realism Vastushashtra is a collection of elements, environment, science, ethics and much more. 

Being a design student I learned about Vastu and its important. We can say its a type of RITUAL-ARCHITECTURE  which we had followed all through our past. Influence of which can be easily seen on our ancient Hindu architecture. Our marvelous heritage sites often cite an example of excellent Vastu-based creations.


Though it is a Hindu system of architecture but not actually religion-based. It’s about balancing the good and bad. It’s about balancing energies or Panch-Tatvas. It’s about a peaceful, tidy and clean surrounding just by de-cluttering things.

To understand Vastu is to understand Vedic architecture techniques which even in perspective of the 21st century seems to suggest a state of equilibrium in our living for further attainment of peace and prosperity. Although in middle ages we had shown lesser interest in Vastushastra, in recent years this ancient science of building construction and its impact on better living is being popularized among folks. 

Vastu is a matter of great discussion and a matter of faith. It is an amazing wealth we are blessed with.

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  1. Could you elaborate on this subject with examples and modern day references. Thanks.

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